Jumoke Dada

Owner of Signature RED, a creative marketing firm specializing in women-targeted marketing.

Palmer Enfield

We are deeply saddened, by the loss of Palmer Enfield, one of the Founders of Philadelphia Women in Film and Television, one of our staunchest supporters, and our dear friend.

Palmer's voice and vision are all over who and what PWIFT has become. Her absolute belief in the power of women to create and make stories that matter, and her willingness to act on that belief again and again, is what we celebrate today, and is what will always be part of the work PWIFT does in the future.

As a filmmaker, entrepreneur, producer, director, photographer, networking genius, mentor, etc., Palmer is known in all corners of our Philly media world as a warrior woman and creative problem-solver extraordinaire. But it's her unlimited generosity, her kindness of spirit, and her deeply-realized loyalty that helped bind us all together.

Thank you for sharing yourself with us, made us better, and that's a gift we will always treasure. In remembrance and love --

Suzanne, Veronica, Jumoke, Diane, Rakia, Michell, and Jude -- your PWIFT sisters

suzanne casual

Suzanne Landau

Producer who has worked in film, television and advertising for 20 years.

Veronica Stickelman

Producer, Production Manager and Independent Documentary Producer.


Diane Walsh

Director of the Writing for Film ad Television program at the University of the Arts.

Jude Ray

Producer and Documentary Filmmaker.

Michele Muldoon

An Art Director for over 20 years, currently working with Movie Art Museum.